A slightly larger rollout

After working with prototypes and product development over the summer we could start the installation of new bread division in Kiwi stores in September.

The new department will provide greater focus on the goods, and fast trade. The loaves will be sorted by the gravity and make it easier for the customer, in addition to that it will showcase the different bread types in a better way. We supply both large or small department, whichever suits store best.












We have installed somewhere between 45 and 50 stores a week. Prior to this we have investigated all the shops, so we found the solution best suited for each store.

By the end of 2016 we will have installed new bread department in 519 stores. In addition to installing new bread department in all stores delivering we also have a convenient door to pallet collar, so stores will be allowed to keep such as washing articles readily available in store. We have also successfully developed a dropdown that stores can pull down in front of alcoholic beverages in the store, with information on the sales times for alcoholic beverages.

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