Kiwi roll-out 2018!

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There are always new ideas and solutions that can help the start to throw less food, while giving the shops a better visual impression! Therefore, we often make greater rollout for Kiwi, where we make bigger or smaller changes in all existing stores. This time it was the chocolate and sugar department that would get a new look. We started the project in January and finish mid-September. During this period we will have built new sugar department in about 567 stores in Norway. We have replaced the chocolate square, chocolate shelves and put in new small-scale racks. At the same time as we have done this we have also done other possible shortcomings the stores have had. We have also checked all of the LED lights in all the stores. By doing this we have ensured that the stores will be in top condition, but we have also set up new chocolate squares that help the stores do not have to fill up with the same amount of chocolate they have used before and therefore the stores do not need to throw as much food longer who has expired. Good for us, and good for the environment!