The greenest Kiwi in Norway


Yesterday Kiwi’s 40th anniversary was marked with the opening of Norway’s greenest Kiwi store, named Kiwi Lerberg! The store has a climate-smart building body consisting of low-carbon concrete, solid wood walls, self-supporting wooden ceilings and environmentally friendly insulation. The wood material also provides a good indoor environment and reduces the need for ventilation. The excess energy from the refrigerator and freezer is used for heating, and the store has greener refrigeration and freezing plants and the only refrigerant that does not pollute. All lighting is LED, and of course there are charging stations for both electric car and electric bicycle. It is not only the customers who are going to enjoy KIWI Lerberg, but they are also hitting the bumps in the area. The 2,200-square-foot roof is covered with sedum and flower meadows, and will have around 15 bumblebees. The shop decor itself is also quite unique, as we have produced many new items that look absolutely great – just see for yourself!

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