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“ This was the largest store renovation project implemented in Norway and it’s been a learning experience for everyone.

We chose Butikkdesign based on their expertise from previous overhaul projects and they proved to be an invaluable partner. No other company would have been able to carry out a project of this size.”

Geir Horn, Project Manager COOP Løftet!

  • 848 stores in total
  • An average of 24 stores per week
  • Up to 17 different suppliers per unit.
  • Coordinating these to one delivery per store.



”Impressive! The logistic was excellent!”

Alf Majormoen, District Manager – Inland

  • 330 shops
  • Within 40 effective weeks
  • 8,25 shops per week



“This was an unique project

The first store opened on the 14th of August 2008. The planning started at the beginning of May and consisted of weekly project mangement meetings with represenatives from Kiwi, SuperGros and Butikkdesign New Store Europe.

These meetings were significant for the success of the project. Because of Butikkdesign’s professional expertice, we micro managed the project down to the minute detail. Nothing was left for chance. This project can easily be used as a blue print for similiar projects.

It’s unusual to outsource the merchandice distrubution, but due to the time restraints  of the project we decided to try this. It turned out to be a successfull endeavor”

Bjarne Sand, MD KIWI Denmark.

  • 50 stores from 350 to 1000 sqm
  • 17 weeks
  • Total store conversion in six days.