Working process

Shops have existed in Norway for a long time. Over the years there have been major changes in how the stores were fitted and also customers’ buying patterns. Our long experience and interest of our customers “subjects”, we have given us a broad knowledge, how customers in different industries will have their stores.

We strive to connect perfect design with functional form that should reflect the shop you want. At the same time we try hard to adapt each project to customer needs. We are happy to get new challenges that teach us more about how both customers and shop owners want the decor.

A new decoration in your shop will not only look better, but it should also be an investment in increased sales. It should be functional and efficient for your employees.

It runs many customers through the store every day, we want you to give your customers the best possible experience, and we know that we can achieve. A properly decorated shop, with effective decoration, for both you and your customers, right “communication” will not only help customer to find goods better, but these will also additionally act more of the items you have.

In a hectic schedule there are few who want to spend extra time looking for a commodity.

We put a good dialogue with our customers loud! Therefore, we want close cooperation, precisely in order to get the best possible result. We help you to create functional solutions which create the atmosphere that customers thrive in. Win-win, we say!

At the bottom of all our services is high quality, knowledge and good service.

We help you from A to Z with:

Display/point of sales
Product placement
Product development
Project leading
Your partner when it counts